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Dice dreams in digital, behind the house of madness, and to backstab, or not to backstab…

  • Asmodee: Polygon columnist Charlie Hall recently interviewed Philippe Dao from Asmodee about the companies plans for 2017 in the digital space. It appearrs that Asmodee is looking to bring upwards of 20 board games to iOS and Android this year as premium full games as opposed limited function freemium games. If you like to play your board games on the go you may be in luck!
  • Mansions of Madness: The guys at Fantasy Flight games have sat down the Mansions of Madness team to interrogate…ahem…interview them such that their loyal fans can get to know them a bit better. If you’ve ever wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of this title now is your chance!


  • Munchkin Shakespeare: To kickstart, or not to kickstart…that was the question and apparently the answer is YES! Steve Jackson Games have revealed that starting February 7 they will launch their kickstarter for Munchkin Shakespeare. The game will start as a Christmas sized tuckbox that will grow depending on the success of the campaign.


Daily Die


Cthulhu rolls to hit, The Queen demands it, and a lost and found for stars…

  • Elder Dice: The folks at RAINN Studios have the perfect gift for you Cthulhu Cultists gamers out there. Coming soon they will launch a kickstarter for Elder Dice. What’s that you say? Well, they are nifty Cthulhu themed dice that come in an equally snazzy Grimoire. Dice range from d4 to d20 so you should be able to find a spot for them in many of the Cthulhu themed board and table-top games available! You can sign up on their website with an email to get notification of when the kickstarter begins.
  • By Order of the Queen: Junk Spirit Games is launching their second kickstarter and are introducing us to their game By Order of the Queen. Players (2-4) take on the role of leading one of the guilds in the kingdom of Tessandor and send heroes to battle all of the lands ills in the name of her Majesty. The kickstarter is in full swing and at the time of this post is more than half way funded with 31 days to go!
  • Starfinder RPG: The upcoming RPG Starfinder by Paizo has recently dropped a few announcements. Pre-orders will be available this coming August (think Gen Con) for the game and will include a Core Rulebook, Adventure Path: Incident at Absalom Station, GM Screen, Player Character Folio, Core Pawn Collection, and Flip-Mats. Paizo has also made the Compatibility License available to third party groups so they can start cranking out additional content!


Daily Die


In the mighty jungle the Nazgul sleeps tonight, 25 years of reaping, and just another Mantic Friday?

  • The Lord of the Rings TCG: The newest edition to this TCG promises to take you to a land of mysteries and wonder. The Mumakil are fantastic beasts that promise to make your heroes first ever trip into the jungles of Middle-earth most memorable! This Adventure Pack is due to arrive at retailers sometime next week.
  • Reaper Miniatures: Those of you who don’t know, SHAME!!!! Reaper Miniatures is celebrating 25 years of making the miniatures that so many of us have and continue to use for our dungeon delving exploits of grandeur. One way in which they mark this happy event is that Reaper will be produce each month a special miniature that you can purchase directly or that you will receive for free with any other purchase of $40 or more. This month’s mini is Domur the High Mage by Julie Guthrie.
  • Mantic Entertainment Ltd.: Ronnie from Mantic drops by their blog to give us a heads up on what’s happening around their offices. It’s a bit of Good, Bad and Ugly as there is information ranging from getting Rick on a Horse (The Walking Dead: All Out War) to an unfortunate increase in price of their line of products based on geo-political happenings. If you were thinking about getting a new shiny buy it before February 1st to avoid the price increase!




Game Time Decision

Lucas here, guest hosting this week in Game Time Decision, and today we’ll time travel to a future earth where everything has changed, and not for the better. Something about eternal damnation and a handbasket, but I digress. In 2016 Ignacy Trzewiczek & Portal games released the new and improved 51st State, Master Set. The original version of this title gave birth to the very similar Imperial Settlers, where they tightened the gears on game play a bit which lead to this new version of 51st State with the more streamlined ruleset. If your group is looking for an interesting theme wrapped around a brain burning euro game you might find this one to your liking.


From the Publisher (Portal Games): The world you know no longer exists. There is no government. No army. No civilization. The United States has collapsed, and now thirty years after the war started, new powers finally try to take control over the ruined country, try to establish a new order, try to control others and create a new country, a new state: the 51st State.

51st State is a card game in which players control one of four powers trying to build a new country. Players put new locations into play, hire leaders, and send people to work in buildings to gain resources and new skills. To do this, every card in 51st State can be used in three different ways:

  • Raze a location to gain many resources once.
  • Deal with this location to gain one resource every turn.
  • Build the location so that you can use its skill each turn.


From RTHG Staff (Lucas): Simply put, this is engine building at its finest. Each player represents a faction trying to build up their powerbase by collecting resources in order to build locations which will enable them to use those resources to expand their powerbase. I know that sounded like a bit of a circle but that’s the entire point. The more resources you can generate, the more you can put the engine you have built to work in order collect victory points. This is a mad race to 25 victory points which thematically represents you gaining enough power to establish the new controlling faction in this new, 51st state. Each faction works in a slightly unique and interesting way which enables a different style of play each time you sit down for a session.

 In addition to any resources you manage to collect or generate each player also has a limited number of workers each turn, which can be used to gain connections or work locations, even those in competing players areas. This is particularly interesting, because you might desperately need the gears you’ll gain working an opponent’s location, but doing so will give that worker to your opponent, which makes this decision all the more critical. A big selling point for me is that this one eliminates downtime. Actions are taken 1 at a time in player order which keeps you engaged every second of the game. YAY! No taking my turn and waiting half an hour before I matter again.

 The theme of 51st State is wrapped around every card, action or component. Rather than the standard wooden blocks, the pieces are shaped to represent their given goods and the art is out of this world. This master set includes both the Winter and New Era expansions from the previous version, and a new expansion has been announced for 2017.

 51st State, Master set plays 1-4 and checks in with a playtime of 60-90 minutes. If this sounds like a title you might find interesting I strongly recommend you check it out, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Daily Die


Fire! Woo woo woo woo!!!, you can’t handle it!, and “no, I expect you to die…”

  • Hotshots: The crew at Fireside Games has announced that coming May 31, 2017 will be their next offering Hotshots, The Cooperative Wildfire Fighting Game. Players take on the roles of Crew Boss, Spotter, Swamper, and Sawyer to make choices like cutting Firebreaks or maneuvering vehicles like Air Tankers to stop the spread of the fire. Can you say “Feeling Hot Hot Hot!”
  • Netrunner TCG: The newest expansion for the Netrunner TCG is will be here in first quarter 2017. Terminal Directive will be a Campaign Expansion that will lean heavily on its narrative. Fear not competitive players as it will have 159 cards which will be tournament legal. The short of the expansion’s narrative is there has been a murder and you are tasked with controlling the truth of what happened. Why? You’re going to have to play it to find out!
  • Spyfall 2: The next edition of Spyfall, Spyfall 2, from Cryptozoic Entertainment has hit the shelves. Spyfall 2 is a “game of bluffing, probing questions, clever answers, and suspicion.” One of the players is a SPY and that player must find out where they are through a timed round of question asking. Spyfall 2 updates the game to potentially have 2 spies, brings 20 new locations and allows for up to 12 players. Queue the Bond music!


Daily Die


The unseen see, My name is, and colorful orders…

  • Arkham Horror The Card Game: The newest expansion pack is almost upon us for Arkham Horror TCG the LCG from Fantasy Flight Games. Undimensioned and Unseen takes us far from the comforts of Arkham in this expansion and promises that things will definitely get weird. Abominations, extra-dimensional entities and cultists, oh my!
  • The Princess Bride The Roleplaying Game: Inconceivable! Coming in 2017 from Toy Vault Inc. is a new roleplaying game based on the Princess Bride IP. Designed by Steffan O’Sullivan the RPG will use his FUDGE system which suggests that this RPG will not be rules heavy. Grab your gaming group and prepare to roll die!


  • GMT: GMT Games has just announced an agreement with HexWar Games Ltd. to produced digital version of Command & Colors: Ancients as well as Command & Colors: Napoleonics. HexWar has had some experience bringing board games to the digital front with “…Their most recent releases have been The Great War, from PSC Games, and 1775 from Academy Games.” The goal is finish Ancients for a summer release and then release Napoloeonics by the end of 2017.


Around The Table


This week on Around The Table we visit the folks at Roll 4 Initiative. I came across their booth at Gen Con this past August and their product that struck me the most was their Dry-Erase Dungeon Tiles. These tiles come in both square and hexagon shape pieces and look like giant puzzles pieces that fit together in that familiar method. They allow you to completely draw out your dungeon for the evening, label the pieces and then break them apart to maintain that “fog of war” for your players. As players open up new areas you have only to find the appropriate tile piece, snap it in as you would a normal cardboard puzzle piece, and continue the adventure.

They also offer a selection of dice towers, dm screens, battlemats, and dice. If you play table-top RPGs you should check out the Dry-Erase Dungeon Tiles as they will certainly upgrade your gaming experience!

Daily Die


Shadow questing, totally radical dice, I ain’t afraid of no…is that a lightsaber?

  • Warhammer Quest: Games Workshop has announced the newest addition to the Warhammer Quest line with Warhammer Quest: Shadows over Hammerhal. The game follows Silver Tower but will be a full on game and is not an expansion. The cover arts suggests your merry band will be up against the forces of Tzeentch and Nurgle which suggests lead undies and wet wipes may need to be packed! The new set is “a ways off” so hopefully that means later on this year.



  • Star Wars Force and Destiny: Fantasy Flight Games has released a new adventure module for all you RPG enthusiasts that enjoy a galaxy far, far away. Ghosts of Dathomir is now on store shelves and it takes you and your team to the mid and outer rim planets to investigate a dark artifact. Oh, and Hutts. Yeah, cause you need them getting in the way while trying to figure out what to do with a dark artifact!